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Mid-low pocket with optimal hold and decent whip. This is our classic go-to pocket for anyone 


Mid-low pocket with optimal hold and decent amount of whip. This is our classic go-to pocket for anyone that can easily be adjusted by tightening, or loosening the shooting string

Box Pocket

Smooth release. Deadly accurate. Plentiful hold. Just the way box pockets should be. We combine a fairly simple and generic pattern while adding 4 shooting strings for the best performance possible, while keeping it simple

Traditional Pocket

The roots of a lacrosse pocket. We have plenty of experience in traditional pockets, variations, as well as a strong belief that each pocket should be free-handed, and a natural break-on process should be applied to create the perfect traditional. we take pride in these pockets, and 2-3 days for the proper steps to make sure it performs how it should 

Custom Pocket

We know everyone's pockets are specific to their game. We offer a one-on-one experience to help you have the perfect pocket for you! We offer pro replica pockets, drop tops, P34, etc. We want to make this a pocket for you

LaxRoom 6 Diamond Pocket

Newly added! We have been testing the LaxRoom 6 Diamond mesh and it has exceeded our expectations, so we figured we'd offer it as an option. Anyone who has strung 6 Diamond knows it can be a pain, and we have worked with the top heads to develop pockets that work in them. 6 Diamond mesh has a lot of hold and a unique feel you can't find in a standard mesh


Check it out down below!

As difficult as it is, we have had enough experience with this mesh that we feel comfortable enough to create you a specialized pocket! 

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