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A true sci-ti lacrosse shaft


- Equal parts Scandium and Titanium ​

-Lightweight and durable 


-concave shape with thinner top walls and thicker sides to withstand crosschecks


- 150g



The Lotus features a concave shape making it  more comfortable in your hands and features  thinner top walls and thicker sidewalls to keep it lightweight, yet durable for crosschecks.  Lotus shafts come with a lightly almond-blasted  grip making it part of the material, so it won't  wear off. After a few years and a lot of success with the Icon Pro 2.0 line, we wanted to add a metal shaft that is in the same realm of price and durability, as carbon fiber isn't for everyone.

 -The Lotus story -


A majority of "Sci-Ti" lacrosse shafts currently on the market contain low levels of scandium and titanium and then are filled with various alloys to compensate for materials, thus allowing manufacturers to call them Sci-Ti shafts. The Lotus was designed after an older very popular Sci-Ti shaft that used equal parts titanium and scandium, making it a little bit heavier at 152 grams (comparable to many popular shafts on the market), but much more durable. 

*The Icon Pro 2.0 is not going away, the Lotus is simply a metal offering. Lotus shafts carry the same 6 month warranty as the Icon Pro 2.0

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