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A true sci-ti BOX lacrosse shaft


- Equal parts Scandium and Titanium ​

-durable 235g build


-concave shape with a raised 3d grip texture 


- more titanium in the middle to lay the heavy crosschecks and help with durability



 -The Lotus Heavy story -


With box lacrosse growing across the United States and being so dominant in Canada, there seemed to be a lack of "true" box lacrosse shafts designed to hold up to the nature of the game. Not only were there very few options, other manufacturers took advantage of the want and desire to charge an arm and a leg simply because they use twice the material or load their shafts up with a bunch of aluminum to make them heavy.

The idea of the Lotus heavy was the complete opposite. Scandium is a very light and easy to work with material that it has become very popular in shafts these days, creating a light and inexpensive but good feeling shaft. Titanium is an extremely strong metal that has some heft and weight to it, but is very difficult to work with on a manufacturing level. By combining these materials, a light but durable shaft is easily obtainable, so why not double it up and create a heavy, durable yet well balanced and light feeling shaft? We did just that. The Lotus heavy is a 235 gram Sci-Ti blend shaft designed for the heavy hitters, SSDM, players who don't want to worry about their shaft breaking on them while moving bodies, and a true box shaft that can be used in any league

*Lotus heavy shafts have been tested in the NLL by a handful of players during the last two seasons and have gotten extremely positive feedback. If the pros can use them and like them, why wouldn't you?

*The Icon Pro 2.0 is not going away, the Lotus is simply a metal offering. Lotus shafts carry the same 6 month warranty as the Icon Pro 2.0

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