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Lotus Heavy Shafts

Lotus Heavy Shafts


Lotus Heavy shafts new for 2023

-Slightly less concave edges for comfortability

-More Titanium to withstand or give the hardest cross-checks

-1/3 parts titanium making it the strongest TRUE box shaft on the market (without getting straight titanium)

-225g strictly designed for box or SSDM

-Same great Lotus feel, just heavier and intended for gritty play

*6 month warranty

*Currently only available in silver, more colors on the way


The Lotus heavy shafts were designed to be used in box lacrosse at all ages, SSDM, or the player looking to have one of the strongest short sticks on the field! I took the Lotus shape and smoothed out the edges a bit to make the heavier shaft still feel like a Lotus without being too sharp, added more titanium to make them stronger, and beefed them up to a 1.5mm wall thickness. Lotus heavy is truly one of, if not the strongest shaft on the market without matching competitors "top of the line" pricepoints

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